Delphi Certification for Individuals

Advance your career with CodeGear Product Certification:

  • Certified professionals earn more
  • Certified professionals get faster advancement
  • Certified professionals earn more respect

Are you looking to:

  • Measure your skills?
  • Pump up your resume?
  • Certify your abilities?
  • Prove your brilliance?

Delphi Certification for Corporate's

  • Certify your employees and partners
  • Validate the skills of job applicants
  • Staff projects effectively
  • Target your training program

Requirements to become Borland Product Certified

Pass the certification exam by scoring 80% or higher.

Certification Exam

The CodeGear Product Certification Exam tests for knowledge of a CodeGear product's advanced features and their use in developing software applications.

The exam concentrates on the advanced features of the product's core language, integrated development environment, visual components, debugging techniques, and deployment tools. Passing the exam indicates a thorough understanding of the use of these features to successfully create, debug, and deploy software applications.


Bellow you can find some links you could use to check your knowledge and decide if your level is enough to pass an exam.

There is no information about the future of the Certification program from CodeGear, but several 3rd party web-sites are offering the tests.

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