DS DB Anywhere : Introduction

Your application is ready to be shipped to a customer... You have tested all your code... You have tested your database changes... You even have a nice and easy to use installation system.

But then you have realized what you made many changes in a database structure and almost forgot what was done since last release. With some luck you have a backup of your old database and after restore you now spent hours tracking down all your changes and writing a sync scripts.

If you found yourself in such situation you start to look around for solutions which will allow recording your changes and being able to generate a changes log with update script at any time...


These days many Software companies develop database applications which require having a Database Access. This means providing support for Database Servers.

It is become to be not so important what kind of Database servers you work with. It could be a Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle, Interbase or MySQL, but no matter what you have to distribute their Database Structure between different sites/locations. It will be no problem if Database structure was static, but it is almost impossible today.

Many application life is Customer driven, which lead us into situation when every day, week, month or even a year you need to upgrade your customer database structure to be up to date.

Usually Database Systems you are using provide you with a tool which will allow you distribute your changes. But a common limitation will be what you will be "linked" to this tool and be able using only functionality this tools (Database Server) provides.

Most likely it will be something what will allow you upgrade a database between two sequential versions... You will not be able track easily changes between a versions or upgrade a databases with a gap in versions.

What you will have instead is a set of files (scripts) which describes changes of your structure between each version and to be able upgrade customer systems you have by running those scripts one by one.

This will cost you upgrade time and lead you to possible errors when you could miss some changes between versions.


We have a solution for this - DS DB Anywhere.

History of this product started 5 years ago and have many generations of reconstruction and optimization.

On our web-site you will find next generation of the project. To avoid many limitations of the current system we redesigned and extended initial functionality.

Current version of the product was developed as a in-house project for Argos Software and have been used during last few years allowing maintain a distribution of Database changes for Microsoft SQL Server 2000 with a great success.


Here is a list of functionality of both systems. It is a common list, but now it is not included a last changes which will be announced when product became public.

It allows:

  • Keep a structure of any Database Systems available on a market.
  • Provide support for any database structures or objects, such as tables, fields, stored procedures, views, triggers and functions.
  • Keep a history of Database evolution and perform any history upgrades on target system.
  • Run any scripts during upgrade to perform specific actions required to get a system up-to-date.
  • Support for Version Labeling which allows keep subversions of your Database between major releases of your product.
  • ANSI SQL-92 support.

This is a list of main features. We do support all of them but we are not limited by them.

We plan to release a product in next few months as a initial version for Microsoft SQL Server 2000, MySQL and ANSI SQL-92.

This is current schedule. We will try to stay in this time frame but it will be dependent on a feature list initial version will include.

If you see immediate need or would like to participate in testing of the product, please contact us.

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