Modular application

Today many applications are converted into N-tier structure and here modular structure is very useful and DS Plug-in System provides support for such functionality.

You can read more about N-tier structure in my articles. Please refer to articles section for more details.

During this years we've been tried accumulate all functionality you could expect from Plug-In model.
Please see feature list and documentation for more details.


System is based on TDataModule structure and provide you with flexible way to manage your plug-ins. You can create them as a BPL or DLL; you could mix them in your application.

System provides you with Delphi IDE wizard to help you create initial code for your Plug-in, after this you could extend functionality in any ways.

Structure of the system allows you create independent as well as dependant plug-ins. In second case you could specify plug-in dependency, which means plug-in itself will control environment it runs in and inform you (plug-in manager) when required information is missed. This could help you handle many situations when system became unstable because some components of system not available as well as allow you handle intermodular dependency during load process.

One more advantage of the system is its real time configuration.

You can register and unregister plug-ins at any time.

You can load and unload plug-ins at any time.

System supports thread-safe mechanism and provides you with lock/unlock functionality.


  • Take advantage of modular system - break large application into multiple modules, lower a memory usage, customize application logic by customizing active plug-ins.
  • Lower support cost and time for updates by providing customers with update-on-the-fly functionality.
  • Create new plug-ins in "one" click using form wizard.
  • Work with plug-in within your IDE with Object Inspector - define commands and parameters at design time.
  • Manage all your plug-ins with advanced Plug-in Manager component. Get a full control over loading and activating your plug-ins.
  • Debug your plug-ins easily - from your Delphi IDE - DSPS framework is transparent for runtime and design time environment.
  • Mix DLL and BPL plug-ins in your application.
  • Take advantage of flexible structure:
    • Plug-in Manager - heart of your system, it manages registration, loading, initialization and unloading of your plug-ins.
    • Commands - allows you create and manage wide range of functionality, providing you with flexible and dynamic way of handling your business logic.
    • Parameters - easy to extend, easy to access. Allows you send and receive any types of data into and from your commands.
    • Message system allows you handle plug-ins communication when commands are not appropriate.
    • Access your logic with objects and interfaces.
    • Full support for serialized calls
  • Available with full source code and demos.
  • Code Options wizard added:
    • template for unit list
    • Support for BPL dependency list - define Plug-in initialization sequence from your code
  • Supported Delphi versions: 5 - 2010


DS Plug-in System in 3 configurations:

  • Limited Edition - free of charge - available as BPL/DCU distribution with limitation to load up to 3 plug-ins at the time.
  • Pro Edition - just US$50 - available as BPL/DCU distribution with no limitation.
  • Suite Edition - only US$100 - available with source code, support and free upgrades for the lifetime of the product.
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