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DragonSoft presents InstallAware - best solution for your deployment needs

We are proud to present a latest and finest deployment solutions from InstallAware Software Corporation - InstallAware product line.

Do you use InstallShield deployment packages today?...

You put a great effort in writing scripts with Wise scripting technology by Altiris (Wise)...

Take a look at InstallAware, compare it, try it. It will be a time well spent.

Over the years DragonSoft was a great supporter of Wise product line. Unfortunately years past and Wise Installation System became obsolete product, Wise Solutions and Altiris chosen to concentrate on corporate packaging solutions.

It is our opinion that products from InstallAware are good replacement for Wise Installation System and Wise for Windows Installer: similar but better style, modern look and feel, great set of features, excellent support. Send us an email and we would provide you with information how to get 10% discount when purchasing InstallAware products.

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As an official partner we would like to offer 10% discount on InstallAware products for new user licenses.

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If you have any questions or would like to get more information, please contact us.

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